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What’s Your Intention? 🤔

  • 3 min read

In a few minutes from now, I’ll be at the venue for my cousin’s “door-knocking”.

You’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking “what the heck is that?”

In the part of Nigeria where I come from before a man gets married, he comes with his family members to declare his intentions to the parents of his would-be bride.

He has to be crystal clear on why he’s been hanging around with their daughter and what he wants going forward.

Why is this practice from early times still relevant?

In case you’ve not noticed, the number of men and women who get their hearts broken daily is on the increase.

And although there are a ton of reasons for this…

There’s no denying that often one or both parties are not clear on their intentions and motives.

It’s the same thing with entrepreneurship.

The best way to create messaging that sticks is to be ultra-clear about your intentions.

Let your audience know who you serve, their struggles, desires, and goals.

  • That’s where the magic happens
  • That’s where you find your tribe
  • That’s where you find your ideal customer

Best believe…

If your try to speak to everyone, you’ll end up speaking to no one.

So, I’ve created a fun exercise to help you niche down so you can create messaging that sticks.

Take your notepad and write…

  1. What your product or service does
  2. Who it serves
  3. How it helps them

Think of it as…

I help X [audience] achieve Y [result] through Z [your product]

Here’s an example a content marketer can use:

“I help B2B companies increase revenue through content”.

An accountant can use, “I help engineers make more money through project-based accounting services”.

A fit-food chef can say,” I help you get your summer body back through healthful guilt-free treats”.

Now, it’s your turn.

Declare your intentions, and let me meet you.

If you’d love my feedback on your exercise, screenshot it and send me a message on

I’m cheering you on,


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