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Tell Stories that

Spark Conversations Stick Sell

Through story-telling, I position brands in front of the right audiences so they can generate leads that convert.
Join me every Monday as I share storytelling tips with real-life examples to get you started as a marketing storyteller and help you build a community of rabid buyers.

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Monday Money

Join 30k+ others on Monday Money and get practical tips to ignite your brand storytelling skills, infinitely persuade your ideal customers, and make the money you deserve.

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Easy to use courses that teach you how to discover, grow and monetize your skill while building a community of rabid buyers.

Promote Your Business to
120,000+ Readers

Attract the business you crave by amplifying your brand to 120k+ readers - without spending a dime on advertising.

Join 30k+ Story Legends who are growing a community of rabid buyers

Learn a handful of ultra-effective techniques that help you build trust and attract a torrent of your dream clients.